iPhone Photos and Camera –  Beyond Point and Click

St. Anthony Senior Tech Time

October 23, 2019

The Nuggets we explore in this Workshop are listed below.  Simply tap the Title to view more details and to revisit any topic.


ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
Beyond Point and Shoot with iPhone Photography
451Beyond Point and Shoot with iPhone Photography

A great many iPhone users will use their iPhone cameras in a point and shoot fashion. They will pull out their camera, aim at their subject and press the shutter button to snap the photo.
With later iPhone models, the iPhone’s camera has included modes and features that take it into new territory. If you are only doing point and shoot, you may be missing some great photo opportunities.
The purpose of this recipe is to deliver quick tips for iPhone Photography. It includes Flash, Live Photo, HDR, Zoom, Focus and Exposure and all of the Modes including photo, square, pano, video, time-lapse, and slo-mo.

Get More Photo Information
N25Get More Photo Information

Can’t remember the location and date of a photo in your Photo library. This Nugget demonstrates the information attached to every photo.

Double Tap on the map to get more details
N26Tips and Tools for Finding Photos

Tired of scrolling through hundreds of photos looking for that one photo of an events. Learn about the search tools that the Photos app provides to make that search easier.

Show your Photos with a Slideshow
N29Show your Photos with a Slideshow

This lesson provides the basic steps to take an album of your photos and display them in a slide show. It is very easy!

Add Text or Drawing to a Photo
N27Add Text or Drawing to a Photo

Hidden under the edit tools, you can add text or markups to Photos.

Crop & Edit Photos with the Photos App
453Crop & Edit Photos with the Photos App

The Photos app includes significant photo editing capabilities that allows you to edit and modify a photo in your library. Included are functions to Remove red eye, crop, rotate, and add text.
This recipe will review the key edit functions.

Share Photos with iCloud Photo Sharing
454Share Photos with iCloud Photo Sharing

Imagine that you have been taking photos while on vacation with a friend. With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can invite others to view and share a collection of photos. You can also make the sharing public by publishing your album to a website for anyone to view.

This recipe will show you how to use iCloud Photo Sharing.

How to Trim an iPhone or iPad Video
N57How to Trim an iPhone or iPad Video

Did you ever capture a nice video to discover that you thumb was in front of the lens for the first few seconds.  As a result you have ugly video that you would like to trim from the video.

This Nugget will take you through the steps to trim a video with your iPhone or iPad.

How to Set Up and Use the iCloud Photo Library
N53How to Set Up and Use the iCloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo Library is recommended as an approach to optimize your photo storage and backup your photos and other content. This nugget provides the details to set it up.


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