The Club for Older Adults who want to Learn, Explore and Share Smart Technology

Our Mission

In 2023 we are expanding our efforts to help older adults with technology.  

We have partnered with Gifts for Seniors to bring learning support to their Tablets for Seniors program.

We are not doing live online classes at the moment.  However, you are invited to use our lesson catalog and Learning Academy classes to continue your iPhone and iPad learning.  All of the materials on this web site are free.  

The Senior Tech Club is the online club where older adults come to Learn, Explore and Share Smart Technology.

What is included in Club Membership?

It’s really a very simple.  When you join for FREE, you will receive:

  • Access to our Catalog of iPhone and iPad Lessons and Tips.  See our Catalog.
  • Receive our club email newsletter, News and Nuggets  
  • Free courses at the Senior Tech Club Academy
  • Join a community of life long learners

It’s All About Learning

Join the Senior Tech Club to learn, connect, engage and thrive with the help of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more.   It’s FREE!

Our Catalog of Tips and Lessons

Club Members can access our Catalog of iPhone and iPad Lessons and Tips.  We call them Recipes and Nuggets.   

Over the past four years we have created hundreds of lessons and tips that you are welcome to search and browse the entire collection for FREE

Our Club Newsletter

Receive our club email newsletter.  We call it News and Nuggets and each issue includes tips, news about your devices and information about the club’s learning programs, events, classes and more.  


The Senior Tech Club Academy

Members can access the Senior Tech Club Academy where we organize online learning into classes from basic to more advanced.  Most classes are free to club members.  

Each class contains lessons, some include videos and access to curated resources that will help you master your device.  As you learn, ask your questions online or attend a regular online Q&A session.  

We Want YOU to Thrive!

We believe your device and technology can serve you well beyond making phone calls and sending text messages.  It can be a platform for health, fitness, safety, learning and entertainment.  We cover topics like using your device to support life-long learning, staying fit, improving your sleep and even meditation.   Your device can be your partner in thriving at this point in your life.  

Join a community of life long learners.  Unlike a class,  Club membership is ongoing.  With our programs,  we like to explore a broad range of learning topics.  Learning is good for you.  

Join the Club.  It’s Free!