iPhone Photos and Camera Basics

St. Anthony Senior Tech Time

October 21, 2019

The Nuggets we explore in this Workshop are listed below.  Simply tap the Title to view more details and to revisit any topic.


ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
Read QR Codes with your iPhone
N1Read QR Codes with your iPhone

The iPhone camera can read QR (Quick Response) codes that you find on marketing materials, surveys and more. The process is easy and nugget-worthy.

Swipe left on the lock screen to launch the camera app
N21Quickly Launch the Camera App to Capture the Kodak Moment

Most people access that Camera app using the Camera icon on their Home screen. However, there are other ways to launch the Camera app that can be faster and more direct.

Tap the Heart to Favorite or un-Favorite Photos for your Brag Book
N28Create a Brag Book with Photo Favorites

The Photos app has a simple feature that allows you to quickly create a photo album that is similar to the old-fashioned brag books that people used to carry.  It is called the Favorites album.

In 5 to 10 minutes of marking favorite photos, you can have your brag book ready for holiday gatherings. 

Seven Ways to Release the Camera Shutter
N22Seven Ways to Release the Camera Shutter

Your iPhone has multiple ways to take picture by releasing the shutter. This Nugget will explore many of the options while exploring seven ways to release the shutter.

A Tour of the Camera App
N23A Tour of the Camera App

A great many iPhone users will use their iPhone cameras in a point and shoot fashion. The purpose of this Nugget is to deliver quick tips for iPhone photography and includes Flash, Live Photo, HDR, Zoom, Focus and Exposure and all of the Modes including photo, square, pano, video, time-lapse, and slo-mo.

Checkmarks and Add To to batch add photos to albums
N38Organizing your Photos with Albums

The primary way to organize photos in the Photos app is to create and place photos into albums.

This recipe will show you how to create albums and add photos to your albums. 

How to View and Manage Burst Photos
N58How to View and Manage Burst Photos

Burst photos are great for capturing action or the best shot.  This Nugget shows you how to manage those bursts.