Use the Catalog to Browse or Find Nuggets and Recipes

There is a lot of information on the Senior Tech Club site about your devices and how to make it work for you.  Because of the volume of information, the Catalog is a critical tool whether you are simply browsing for topics, want to see what the site has for a specific topic like “security,” or you wish to search for a term like “Siri” to see the numerous references to Siri on the site.

This recipe will show you how to use the Catalog to browse or find Recipes and Nuggets.

Recipe #001

The Senior Tech Club (STC) Catalog

Our catalog is the full list of Recipes and Nuggets found on the STC site.  You can access the Catalog if you wish to browse the catalog or if you wish to search for a specific topic. The Catalog is your table of contents and index  for this book of Recipes and Nuggets.  You will find all of the titles of the lessons and you can search for specific words and topics across the entire catalog.

Access the Catalog

Simply tap Catalog from the menu at the top of any STC page.    On a laptop or desktop computer, the Catalog menu is found on the menu line.   If you are displaying the site on a small screen like aniPhone or iPad, you will find the Catalog entry on the Menu icon on the upper right of your screen.  (If you want to impress your kids, you can refer to the three line icon as the hamburger menu.   Hamburger button is a common industry/techie name!!)      

Browsing and Searching the Catalog

Let’s review the primary browse and search tools that you have available.    

1 Instruction – A summary of these instructions are located on the top of the page.

2 Filter: Categories – The lessons of the Senior Tech Club are presented in one of two categories.  Recipes are full lessons with step-by-step instructions.  Nuggets are bite-sized tips and learning on a single topic.  Choose the desired category, if desired, from the pull down list.

3 Filter: Tags – All lessons are tagged by topic or theme.  If you choose a topic like “security,” you will see all of the nuggets or lessons related to security.   Examples of tags used include: IOS, Security, Music & Podcasts, Siri, and Photos.

4 Search: Filter the catalog by entering any search term.  This could be a Recipe # or a term like “Siri” or “Safari”  The catalog entries that contain the term will be displayed.  You can even watch the search filter work immediately as you type your search term.

5 Reset – Tap Reset in order to remove any filter set on the list so that the entire catalog is displayed.

6 Browse – Browse the catalog list by swiping up or down on the catalog list or using the scroll bars if displayed on a desktop or laptop computer.  It’s long.  The unfiltered catalog has over 110 entries.

Smart Tip:  Our Best Search Tool

The Catalog is the best way to search or browse for information on the Senior Tech Club site.  Whether you are looking for something specific or just browsing, the Catalog can help you find learning.  

Check for Understanding


Use the following four questions to determine if you understand the skills taught in this lesson.

  1. What is the Catalog?
  2. How do you access the Catalog?
  3. What is a Filter Tag?
  4. How do you return to the full catalog after setting a filter?

Additional Information


Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets related to Learning:

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Use the Catalog to Browse or Find Nuggets and Recipes
001Use the Catalog to Browse or Find Nuggets and Recipes

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