Questpoint Technology Club

Navigating the Digital Age #3

June 16, 2022  6:00 – 7:15 PM

Online via WebEx


On this page you will find information about this Cornerstone Financial Group workshop and its links, resources and slides that you can use in pursuit of your digital wellbeing.  

Also, the table at the bottom of the page includes online lessons about the topics we will explore during the workshop.  Click on the lesson titles to access this additional information.


Our Mission

The mission of the Questpoint Technology Club is to help YOU navigate the digital age.  

We believe your technology and devices can serve you well beyond making phone calls and sending text messages.  It can be a platform to help you thrive in this pandemic era. 

The Questpoint Technology Club will pursue three core objectives within this value-added mission.  We want YOU to:

  • Be Safe Online
  • Stay Well-Connected with Friends, Family and Associates
  • Stay engaged and always learning. 

We hope that with some help from the Cornerstone Financial Group, you will thrive with the aide of your technology.  



If you have questions from the workshop or this initiative, send an email to:

Workshop Description & Topics

Helping you stay well-connected with CFG and Beyond

Scan a Document with your iPhone.  Did you know that you can use your iPhone to scan a document that you have signed so that you can email it back to CFG or other requesters?  Using the Notes app, we will explore scanning and sending documents.  

Using the Chrome Browser. –  The Chrome web browser is the recommended browser for work with the Cornerstone Financial Group.  We’ll demonstrate how to make Chrome the default browser on your iPhone.   We will also help you “remember” important web sites by using Bookmarks.  We will demonstrate how to create a bookmark for your important web locations.  

Organizing your email.   It is easy to lose important emails if you have accumulated a lot of emails in your inbox.  We will show you how to find and keep  important emails using folders or labels in the iPhone Mail app.  


Helping you Stay Engaged and Learning

Reading Books with the LIbby app.    Reading is good for you.  It not only important for lifelong learners, but research shows that readers actually live longer!  The LIbby app is an app that allows you to borrow and read books from your local public library.  We will demonstrate the Libby app and how to use it to place holds, borrow and read books from your public library.  And best of all it’s FREE and used by many public libraries.  

I Didn’t Know my iPhone Could Do This – Function as a Level.      Around the home, we occasionally need to use a level to straighten a shelf, hang a picture or plumb a vertical line.  Our iPhone will help with this functioning as a level.  


View Class Slides

Download Class Handouts/Slides

You can download the class handout/slides from the link below.  If you prefer, you can optionally print the slides for your reference during class.


QuestpointTechnologyClub Navigating Digital 3 – 6-19-2022


Video from this Workshop

Available following the workshop.

Followup Questions

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Additional Resources

You can find more information and learning on many of the topics that we discussed in the workshop below.  Click to tap on the lesson title to access the lesson.  

Learning Links – Google

Google Chrome Help Center – Create, view & edit bookmarks

Google GMail Learning Center – Organize your inbox 

Google Drive Help – Scan documents with Google Drive



Senior Tech Club Lesson on our topics:

ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
Organize your Email Inbox with Flags, VIP &  Folders
405Organize your Email Inbox with Flags, VIP & Folders

If you are an active email user and you get a lot of email and may begin to feel the need to organize your inbox. Or perhaps you would simply like to add some categories of email that you could organize into folders. The Mail app has the ability to create a filing system that can organize your inbox into folders and categories.
This recipe will give you the ingredients and actions to add organization to your Mail inboxes.

Use Libby to Read Books from your Library
414Use Libby to Read Books from your Library

What could be better than FREE books to read? And we are not talking about the old classics like you can get from the Gutenberg Project. We are talking about the latest New York Times bestsellers that you can read for free from your public library using the Libby app to access eBooks from your local library.

This recipe will get your started.

Scan and Store Documents Using your iPhone's Notes App
N5Scan and Store Documents Using your iPhone’s Notes App

Ever wish you had access to a scanner that you could use to scan and store documents? You now have a scanner that you hold in your hand.
With IOS 11 and later you can use the camera on your iPhone to scan documents into Notes for storage or even markup.

Use the Gmail app to Send and Receive Email
604Use the Gmail app to Send and Receive Email

Email is essential for connected Seniors. It is a free and fast way to send and receive messages with friends, families and more. It is essential for online shopping, banking and engaging with the Senior Tech Club. Let’s get started with this email recipe.

Be Straight - Use Your iPhone as a Level
Be Straight – Use Your iPhone as a Level

You can use your iPhone as a level to straighten a shelf or hang a picture. Find this nugget in the Measure app. This lesson will show you how.