Be Straight – Use Your iPhone as a Level

A bubble level is an essential tool when hanging pictures, putting up shelves or doing many home projects.  It allows you to be straight to the world!

You can use your iPhone as a level for many of these projects by using the Level function of the Measure app.

Why do you need a level?

A carpenter’s level helps you make sure your projects are plumb or level.

Plumb means the structure or object is straight vertically or  perfectly straight up and down. If you were going to put a post in the ground, you would want it to be plumb.

Level refers to something being straight horizontally, or side to side without tilt.  When you hang a shelf, you want it to be level.

The iPhone level function allows you to achieve plumb or level with your projects.  The difference is as simple as holding your iPhone vertically or horizontally.

Using the iPhone Level Function

1 Launch the iPhone Measure app.  The Measure app has both a measure and a level function.  We will use the level function.

2 Tap on the Level icon found on the bottom right of the app screen.

Hold iPhone against an object, such as a picture frame that you wish to be level or plumb.  You can hold the iPhone either vertically or horizontally.

3 Rotate the object and iPhone until you see green.  This is the point where the object is level or plumb.  You will also see 0° when you see green.

You want to note that this level function is not going to provide the accuracy as a carpenter’s bubble level.  Also, consider the impact of your iPhone case and how it might be affecting your iPhone ability to be flat against the object you are trying to level.  



Use the Level function in the Measure app to help with home projects.  Use it to make your objects level or plumb.



Additional Information

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