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Beyond Talk and Text – Using your Technology for LifeLong Learning

November 17, 2020  2:00 – 3:30  PM

Online via Zoom

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Class Description

When adults start to use smartphones, they tend to focus on talk and text where the technology is used to help them stay connected.   And soon they venture to photos, email and an occasional internet search.  But we all understand that our smartphones are capable of so much more.  

Lifelong learning has become more critical than ever in our rapidly changing world. And it is not just for jobs and careers.  Having the ability to learn can simply make life more satisfying and fulfilling. This workshop will explore using technology to up your learning game? 

This class will explore four of  the best of learning approaches as delivered by smartphones, tablets and PCs.  Through discussion and demonstration of multiple apps, you will learn about these four avenues to learning:

  1. eBooks – We’ll look at using your technology to read books.  And we will show you how to access a lifetime of reading for free!.
  2. Podcasts – Podcasts are the new radio where you can listen and learn from millions of programs, all on your time. 
  3. Online Learning Platforms – A review of some of the best online learning sites including tips to access some of the best for free.
  4. Video – Need to learn a skill?   You name a topic and you can likely find an online video to assist you.  The key skill is to be able to search for the topics you need.  And the vast majority are free.

In each of the categories, we will define the opportunity and platform, recommend apps, resources and content sources.  We will put a special emphasis on approaches most appropriate for the community.  We also consider affordability in our recommendations. 

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Additional Information


Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on our learning platforms:

ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
Reading Books with the Books App
410Reading Books with the Books App

Reading books is good for you.  There are even health studies that suggest that reading books can help you live longer.

And many people are discovering the convenience and power of eBooks.  And the device in your hand, your iPhone or iPad are one of  the preferred platform for reading eBooks.

If you are thinking about reading eBooks on your iPad or iPhone, the iBooks app comes with your device and may be the first reading app that you want to explore.

This recipe provides tips and the basics for using your device as an eBook reader.

Read Books with the Kindle App
413Read Books with the Kindle App

Many people would recognize that Amazon really built the eBook marketplace with the release of the original Kindle readers in 2007. The Kindle app from Amazon is a leading eBook app from the Amazon. You will need the Kindle app if you want to read books acquired from Amazon on your iPhone or iPad.
This recipe will show you how to install and use the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad.

Use Libby to Read Books from your Library
414Use Libby to Read Books from your Library

What could be better than FREE books to read? And we are not talking about the old classics like you can get from the Gutenberg Project. We are talking about the latest New York Times bestsellers that you can read for free from your public library using the Libby app to access eBooks from your local library.

This recipe will get your started.

Where to Get FREE Books to Read on your iPhone/iPad
N17Where to Get FREE Books to Read on your iPhone/iPad

This Nugget reviews some of the sources that you can use to support your reading habit with FREE books.

YouTube Video Basics
440YouTube Video Basics

YouTube is a website intended to share videos that have been created and uploaded by millions of users around the world. You can watch, like, share, comment and upload videos. 

We feel that YouTube  is an essential website for any Senior.  On YouTube you can find videos that entertain, teach and inform.  We would place learning on the top of the list.  This is what makes the site essential.This recipe will teach you how to find and view videos on YouTube. 

Searching the Web with Google - Tips and Insight
441 Searching the Web with Google – Tips and Insight

Can you Google that?Google is the defacto standard for searching the internet for information and content.  Although there are other search platforms available, searching with Google has actually been verbed as in “You can Google that.”This nugget will show you the different and easiest ways to perform a Google search and present 10 tips that will take you beyond basic queries.  We want you to be able to take advantage of the vast wealth of information that is available on the web.

Listening to Podcasts with the Podcasts App
423Listening to Podcasts with the Podcasts App

Podcasts are audio programs that are made available on the internet. They are downloaded to your computer or phone for playing anywhere or anytime. 

The Apple Podcasts app is the built-in tool for managing your search, subscription and playback of the podcasts that you choose.  

Read Classic Books for FREE with the Gutenberg Project
N50Read Classic Books for FREE with the Gutenberg Project

Are you into reading books? But you are finding ebooks expensive.

The Gutenberg Project will give you access to over 60,000 FREE classic books from great authors. This Nugget will explain and show you how to access and read from your iPhone or iPad.

You might be surprised to learn that there are many sources for free books that you can read on your iPhone or iPad.  This includes free and affordable books for the iBooks app.

LIVE! #6 You Can Learn Anything on YouTube
LIVE! #6 You Can Learn Anything on YouTube

On YouTube you can find videos that entertain, teach and inform. We would place learning on the top of the list. This is what makes the site essential.
In this LIVE! session we will teach you how to find and view videos on YouTube.

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