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Scan a QR Code with your Android Phone

QR Code are showing up all over the place. In mailings, in stores, even on the side of you local USPS truck. Recent Android phones can scan QR codes using the camera. Or use Google assistant or Google lens if you phone doesn’t scan directly. This Nugget shows you how.

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Using the Google Calendar App

The iPhone Calendar App allows you to keep a calendar in your pocket or handbag.  But beyond a basic calendar it offers a number of other benefits to help you stay oranized.
This Senior Tech Recipe will focus on the two core tasks of working with the Calendar App, viewing your Calendar and creating events.

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Getting to Know the Google Assistant

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, you can get many things done faster and more easily using the Google Assistant. 
This recipe will get you going with the Google Assistant.  And provide some handy commends for everyday use. 

This recipe will get you going with Siri.

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