The Magic of Long Press

Nugget # A15

Long Press is the action on your Android phone where you press and hold on an icon or shortcut on your device.  

Doing so will often present new features that are largely hidden and not always obvious.

In this Nugget, we will provide a list of ideas that you can try.  Use a few or all as they match to the use of your phone.

It’s Magical!

Let’s do a simple list of the many ways that you can use Long Press to accomplish more and accomplish more faster on your Android Phone.

  1.  Use Long Press to move in icon to a new location on your Home screen.  Get your most commonly used icons onto screen one of your Home screen. 
  2. Organize your Home screen by grouping app icons in Folders.  Use Long Press on one app icon in order to move it on top of another icon which will create an icon group or folder.  
  3. Use Long Press to change your wallpaper on your screen.  Put a picture of your family there.
  4. Use Long to place a widget onto your Home screen.   Widgets provide key information like weather, time, news or new emails.
  5. Use Long Press on the Camera icon as a shortcut to take a selfie.  
  6. Long Press on most app icons for a quick shortcut action specific to that app.  
  7. Use Long Press on any icon in Quick Setting (swipe down from the top of the screen with one or two fingers) to do directly to the specific settings for that function.  For example, Long Press on Do Not Disturb to customize your Do Not Disturb settings.  Long Press on Bluetooth to go to setting to pair a new bluetooth device.
  8. Long Press on a Telemarketers recent call record in your phone app to block it or mark it as spam.  
  9. Uninstall an unwanted app.  Long Press on an app icon, choose App Info and select Uninstall.
  10. Long Press on any key on the keyboard as you type in order to access additional characters like foreign characters, alternate symbols or fractions.  


Use a Long Press and almost any icon in order to access shortcuts and useful functions.  We hope you find it magical!