Put a Message On You Lock Screen – This Phone Belongs to Me

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What if you misplace your phone while you are out shopping?  Somebody picks up your phone but because you had done the right thing by having a lock on the screen, there is no indication who owns the phone.  How do  you get your phone back?  

You can place a message on the lock screen of your phone with a key piece of information.

Many Android phones allow you to place a one-line message on your lock screen that could be used to place a name, email or phone number.  This information  could be used by someone who picks up your misplaced phone.  

If the message includes an emergency phone number, the message could even be used by a medical first responder to reach a spouse or other family member.



Set Up Lock Screen Message

Android allows you to put a simple one-line message on your lock screen.  In that line you could put contact information or an emergency contact number.  This would provide information for either a first responder or someone who just picks up your lost phone.


Here are the Settings app actions.

  1.  Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Security & location.
  3. Tap Screen lock preferences
  4. Tap on Lock screen message.
  5. Finally enter the message you would like to display on the home screen.  Consider an email address and phone number of a trusted contact. 
  6. Tap Save.

You will see your message appear on the lock screen of your phone.


A simple message placed on your lock screen might help you recover a misplaced phone or more.