The Senior Tech Club Black Friday Sale – Ending Soon

Until December 25, you can take advantage of special membership pricing through the Senior Tech Club’s Black Friday coupon. 

With our Black Friday pricing you can become a full member of the Senior Tech Club at a 50% discount or $30 per year. 

If you value what we do, like our IOS recommendations or uncovering hidden features like the Magnifier and so much more,  please become a member.  Your membership helps us cover the cost of maintaining our web site, this tip newsletter and will allow us to continue our mission of helping older adults stay connected and engaged with technology. 

With the discount, your monthly cost is less than the price of a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.  And we promise to keep expanding our catalog and offering good advice.

The coupon code for this special pricing is blackfriday.

 Use the button below and the Black Friday coupon will be applied to your membership application.