Create a Grocery List with the Reminders App

So you need to create a grocery list to take on your next shopping trip to the grocery story.  You have iPhone options for this list.  

You could use the Notes app to create a list using notes.

However, Apple is proposing that you consider the Reminders app for this list.  It has created a special list type for groceries and will even organize your list by categories automatically.

Let’s run through the steps on how you would do this.




Create a grocery list

  1. Open the Reminders app  on your iPhone.  Tap   

  2. Tap Add List.  Find Add List on the lower right of the screen.

  3. Enter a name for the list.  Grocery List is a great name!

  4. Tap List Type, then choose Groceries from the list.

  5. Tap Done.  Your list is now ready to accept your grocery items.

Add Grocery Items

Items in your grocery list are traditional reminder items.  Here are the steps:

  1. Access your grocery list in the Reminders app.

  2. Tap New Item

  3. Type the item description.

  4. Optionally, tap Add Note, then enter any additional information.

  5. Optionally, tap (circle i)  to edit the item details. For example, you can attach a photo, set a location-based reminder or date reminder for this items.  

  6. Tap Done to save the items to your Grocery List.

Add additional items to your list by repeating the Add Items steps from above.

You can also add items using Siri.  Summon Siri and say “Add banana to my grocery list.”


Use your Grocery List


Organize:  The app will automatically organize your list by category, e.g. Produce, Meat, Household items, etc.  

  1. Once the list is created, you can enter items directly on the list without doing Add Item.    Just tap on the open space on the list to type another items.  
  2. As you put items in your shopping cart, you can tap the item to “complete” the reminder.  This will fill in the completed circle and “remove” the items from the list.  This remove item can be changed.  
  3. There are some viewing options you may want to consider.  See these options by tapping (3 dots) on the upper right of the screen.  On the menu you will find:
  4. View as Columns to organize your list into columns.
  5. Show/Hide Completed to set wether items you tap as completed are still viewable.  
  6. Select Items will allow you to organize, enter batch details or batch delete items.  



Use your Reminders app to create and organize your grocery list for your next shopping trip. 


Additional Information

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