Senior Tech Tuesday #11 

January 19, 2021

A Tour of the Camera App

In this Senior Tech Tuesday session, the second of an eight-part series on iPhone/iPad photography, we  will take a Tour of the Camera app and explore the following:

  1.  Zoom
  2.  Flash
  3.  Live Photos
  4. HDR
  5. Focus & Exposure
  6. Filters
  7. Selfies

We will define, demonstrate and explore each of these topics.  

See the slide deck and the resources below for more details

Class Resources and More

Below you will find resources that we used or mentioned in class.  Click on the heading to get the details.  

Slide Deck View Online
Slide Deck for Download

Here is the slide deck used for the session:

Senior Tech Tuesday 11 iPhone Camera App Tour


Video - View the Recording of this Session - Length 1:10

Additional Information from the Senior Tech Club

The Senior Tech Club recommends the following additional resources for members that wish to pursue additional and/or advanced information on this topic:


Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on the Camera app:

The Basics of iPhone Photography - Let's Point and Shoot
450The Basics of iPhone Photography – Let’s Point and Shoot
A Tour of the Camera App
N23A Tour of the Camera App

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