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Learning at the Senior Tech Club is organized into Recipes and Nuggets.  Recipes are lessons with a consistent format and look.  Nuggets are quick tips and hints.    Recipes and Nuggets are the short brain-friendly way to learn specific functions on your devices.  They are short learning lessons specifically designed for seniors who don’t want want to read a 20-page article or spend a day reading a book.

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Senior Tech Club Recipes on Security

Strong Passwords for Safe Data
010Strong Passwords for Safe Data

Passwords are important and represent the only wall between bad people and your money and life.

Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID
017Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID

The Senior Tech Club, we recommends two basic security approaches for securing your iPhone or iPad:

Use a Passcode
Set Up Touch ID
This recipe will provide the steps to set up, change passcodes and set up Touch ID.

How to use Apple's Two-Factor Authentication  to Secure your Personal Data
20How to use Apple’s Two-Factor Authentication to Secure your Personal Data

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Apple ID designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account.   

In this Recipe we will show you how to set up two factor authentication on your Apple iPhone or iPad. 

How to Set Up and Use Face ID to Secure your iPhone or iPad
021How to Set Up and Use Face ID to Secure your iPhone or iPad

The use of Face ID is recommended for both security and convenience. The setup is easy. This recipe will guide you through the setup and use of Face ID