Twin Cities Scam Jam Trial Membership

At the Senior Tech Club, there is no topic more important than understanding how to secure your Apple iPhone or iPad.  This Trial Membership in the Senior Tech Club will show you how to protect your iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID.  In addition you can learn about two factor authentication and how to create memorable and unique passwords..

This trial is made in partnership with Shift who partners with the Senior Tech Club to provide its members with training to help them maximize the power of their smartphones and tablets.

Here is what is included in this  30-day Trial Membership.

Access to the following Senior Tech Club Recipes that are usually only available to paid club members:

How to Set Up and Use Face ID to Secure your iPhone or iPad
How to use Apple’s Two-Factor Authentication to Secure your Personal Data
Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID
Strong Passwords for Safe Data


In addition you will receive our weekly News & Nuggets newsletter that shares a tip and device news.  

Signup is easy.

In the form below, simply enter your name and email.  Then create a password (keep your password easy, this is not Fort Knox!) and indicate where you learned about the club.  The Senior Tech Club will never share this information with any other organization.

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with the information you need to get started.

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Tech Club!



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