Questpoint Technology Club

Navigating the Digital Age

December 15, 2021  12:00 – 1:15 PM

Online via WebEx


On this page you will find information about this Cornerstone Financial Group workshop and its links, resources and slides that you can use in pursuit of your digital wellbeing.  

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Class Description

As more of us are leading digitally active lives, we also face more risk with our identities, credit and the security of our devices.  At the Cornerstone Financial Group, we are passionate about your digital wellbeing and security. 

Education about the risks that we face is an important element of helping to ensure our online safety.  However, this workshop will take you beyond risk awareness in order to recommend specific actions that should be a part of your online security action plan.  We have distilled the best advice from cybersecurity experts who recommend key steps to help keep you safe online.

  These steps include:

  • Passwords are a challenge for many in our community.   Your action plan needs rules for creating, using and remembering strong passwords.  We will recommend a password manager as the best way to manage passwords.
  • Multifactor/Two-Factor authentication seems like a hassle to many.  Let’s define, understand and endorse it so that we can make it a habit where it is available.
  • Be Smart about WiFi.  Using unsecured public WiFi can be a security concern.  We will help you understand the issues and possible actions including using a VPN.
  • Mobile Device Security.  Your devices carry a lot of information about you and your life.  We will help you take action to help insure your devices are secure.  
  • Keeping Your Device Current.  Software updates are an important part of your security plan whether this is on a laptop or computer or a smartphone or tablet.  

Education and awareness continue to be an import step in any plan.  The objective of this workshop is to take you beyond awareness about online safety and present action steps that will help make you make your digital life more secure.  

Please understand that no workshop can identify or protect you against every type of crime, fraud, or threat.  But we hope that your action plan is a major step toward your online safety.  

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QuestpointTechnologyClub 1 – Navigating Digital 12-15-21

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Links From the Workshop


A Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose.


Blue Zones –


Stay Well Connected

Strong Support Network Lowers Mortality 

Advancing Social Connection as a Public Health Priority in the United States


Growing Young:  How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness Can Help You LIve to 100


LifeLong Learning 

Successful Aging – Daniel Levitin


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Additional Information


Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on our learning platforms:

ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
Strong Passwords for Safe Data
010Strong Passwords for Safe Data

Passwords are important and represent the only wall between bad people and your money and life.

How to use the iPhone Magnifier
130How to use the iPhone Magnifier

Since IOS 10, the iPhone has an easy to access Magnifier that will use your iPhones camera and flash as a Magnifier that you can use to read fine print or detail. This recipe will identify how to access the Magnifier, verify the Settings needed to make it available and a couple of essential options for lighting and focus.

How to Perform an IOS Software Update
014How to Perform an IOS Software Update

IOS is the Apple software that runs your iPhone or iPad.  Apple regularly updates IOS in order to provide more functions, make improvements and fix security flaws.

This recipe identifies the basic steps to an update and provides a checklist of steps that will aide the process.

Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID
017Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID

The Senior Tech Club, we recommends two basic security approaches for securing your iPhone or iPad:

Use a Passcode
Set Up Touch ID
This recipe will provide the steps to set up, change passcodes and set up Touch ID.

Protect Your Personal Data with Two-Factor Authentication
N56Protect Your Personal Data with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor or multi-factor authentication should be an essential part of your online safety action plans. This lesson will help you understand its importance and provide a basic recipe on how it is set up.

How to Set Up and Use Face ID to Secure your iPhone or iPad
021How to Set Up and Use Face ID to Secure your iPhone or iPad

The use of Face ID is recommended for both security and convenience. The setup is easy. This recipe will guide you through the setup and use of Face ID