St Anthony Senior Tech Time Winter 2019

by | Jan 9, 2019

During the winter session we are taking our St. Anthony Senior Tech Time classes down two separate tracks. In these tracks we can provide topics for all skill levels. The tracks include:

  1. Core Track – We explore and learn about essential iPhone and iPad skills including working with your device, calls, messages, email and camera. All of the topics have been updated with new features of the last version of IOS.
  2. Advanced & App Track – We explore apps for our IOS devices We will explore social media, learning and entertainment and more.

Winter-Spring Classes

The monthly sessions are independent. You can attend one or attend all as time allows. Each session includes featured topics and additional time to explore your questions and other news.

Month Core Topics Advanced & App Topics
Jan January 15: Manage your device including ringer, touchscreen, control center and calls. Learn every day routines. January 17: Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What are they and how can you participate at a level that is right for you.
March March 19: Camera and Photos. We will cover the iPhone Camera app and tools in the Photos app to manage and edit your photos. March 21: Learning and entertainment with Youtube. Searching the web with Google and using other web resources like Wikipedia and Yelp
April April 16: Stay connected using text messages, email, FaceTime and the contacts app. April 18: How to listen to music (free and paid options) and podcasts. Read books and explore some popular games

Note: There are no classes scheduled during the month of February.

Between sessions, you will have access to the resources found on the website. There you will find lessons specifically developed for Seniors. Use the online site to catch up and explore other topics.

What should you bring? Your curiosity, questions and your iPhone and/or iPad.

$5 per session.  All proceeds goes to the St Anthony New Brighton School District 282.

Call the Community Services office (612-706-1166)  to register for any session.

Community Services Online Registration Site