Use Visual Lookup to Identify Plants, Animals, Landmarks and more

Imagine that you come across a flower or animal that you don’t recognize.  You have a possible expert in your iPhone. 

You can use Visual Lookup in your iPhone’s Photos app to identify items found in a photo.  It will work with animals, plants, landmarks, statues and more.

If you have a photo showing a building or landmark from a recent vacation and you can’t remember the name of the landmark, Visual Lookup is the perfect solution. 

And it can all be done right in the Photos app.  Here are the steps.

Using Visual Lookup

Step by Step

Here are the steps to perform a Visual Lookup on a photo:

1 Display the photo of the object to identify in the Photos app.

2 Tap Info (the circle i) at the bottom of the screen.

3 If the photo has a possible lookup item, you will see a Look Up action at the top of the Info screen.  Tap Look Up.

The Look Up results will display.

Visual Lookup Results

4 The Visual Lookup results are displayed below the photo

5 Tax X to close the results window and return to the photo.




Your iPhone can look up objects like plants, animals, landmarks, statues and more, helping you identify and learn.  As you use it, you will find that it is not perfect. 

Nevetheless, it is a great tool for the curious.  


Additional Information

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