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LIVE! #7 How to Listen to Podcasts on the iPhone

Date:  April 30, 2020                            Time:  10:00 AM  CDT

Apple has reported that there are over 500,000 different podcasts in over 100 languages. If you have a hobby or are passionate about some topic and are curious you will find podcasts of interest.  This LIVE! session will get your started.


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LIVE 7 Listening to Podcasts


Additional Information

The Senior Tech Club covers YouTube  in it’s online Recipes and Nuggets.  

The table below provides additional information about the topics in today’s LIVE! session.

Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets:

ImageNugget/Recipe NumberTitleDescription
Listening to Podcasts with the Podcasts App
423Listening to Podcasts with the Podcasts App

Podcasts are audio programs that are made available on the internet. They are downloaded to your computer or phone for playing anywhere or anytime. 

The Apple Podcasts app is the built-in tool for managing your search, subscription and playback of the podcasts that you choose.  

Summertime Listening and Learning with Podcasts
Summertime Listening and Learning with Podcasts