iPad Essentials

Learn the essential skills to manage the every day functions of your iPad from the Recipes and Nuggets listed below.  

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Internet Browsing with Safari - the Basics
203Internet Browsing with Safari – the Basics

Safari is the Web browser that you can use to retrieve and display information from the Internet. If you are a reader or shopper on the Internet, Safari will be the primary tool that you will use to access those web sites.

This recipe will provide a tour of the primary functions provided by Safari with a review of the Safari screen.

Use your iPhone or iPad to Send and Receive Email
204Use your iPhone or iPad to Send and Receive Email

Email is essential for connected Seniors. It is a free and fast way to send and receive messages with friends, families and more. It is essential for online shopping, banking and engaging with the Senior Tech Club. Let’s get started with this email recipe.

iPad Touchscreen Basics
201iPad Touchscreen Basics

Learn basic iPad skills like screen orientation and touchscreen basics. This is essential stuff.

iPad Typing Tips for Seniors
202iPad Typing Tips for Seniors

Most typing on the iPad comes naturally. However, there are shortcuts and hidden functions (like caps lock) that will make typing easier. Another key tips is how to position the cursor exactly where you need it. This is essential material.