Shift Online Workshop

June 11, 2020

Things You Didn’t Know your Android Smartphone Could Do!

Exploring the Best Hidden Features of your Android Phone


This Shift Online Workshop where you will learn smartphone topics from the Senior Tech Club from the comfort of your home,.  Our objective is to help you stay connected, engaged and always learning with the support of your smartphone.

Workshop Date & Time:  June 11, 2020 6:30 – 8:00 PM 

Printable Class Handout: Things you Didn’t Know Android – Shift

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Many people use their Android smartphone to make calls, send text messages, check emails, take a few photos.  However, these amazing devices are capable of much more and offer useful features that are often hidden from everyday users. 

In this Shift workshop you will explore ten hidden functions that are available on your Android smartphone.  We will learn about:

  1. The amazing options of the long press
  2. Do Not Disturb Options
  3. and more.

Below you will find the online materials that cover these topics.  

While our Android catalog develops, Shift members can access the full catalog of Android Lessons and Nuggets.  Click the button below to see the full Android catalog. 

612Getting to Know the Google Assistant

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, you can get many things done faster and more easily using the Google Assistant. 
This recipe will get you going with the Google Assistant.  And provide some handy commends for everyday use. 

This recipe will get you going with Siri.

610Customize your Android Home Screen to Make it Simple & Productive

One of the appealing features of Android phones is the ability to customize your Home Screen. This Recipe reviews the process and makes a design recommendation.

A11Find Your Lost Android Phone

Whether you have misplaced your phone while running errands or your phone slipped between the cushions on your couch, The Google Find my Device function offers a tool to help locate your lost Android phone.

A12Scan a QR Code with your Android Phone

QR Code are showing up all over the place. In mailings, in stores, even on the side of you local USPS truck. Recent Android phones can scan QR codes using the camera. Or use Google assistant or Google lens if you phone doesn’t scan directly. This Nugget shows you how.

A14Using Do Not Disturb to Stop the Interruptions

It is important to be able to manage the ringer on your phone so that an incoming phone call or other notification doesn’t ring in an inappropriate time. This Nugget explores the benefits and use of Do Not Disturb to manage the ringer and notifications.

A15The Magic of Long Press

Long Press is a magical function. This Nugget provides a list of 10 ways that you can use a long press for shortcuts or quick access to functions on your Android phone.