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Live #2 Making Video Calls with Facetime

FaceTime is Apple’s video call app and a great tool to help you stay connected  whether we are in CV-19 shutdown or anytime.  There is no video tool that is easier for Apple users.  It is built in and ready to work with no extra apps to install or necessary registrations.  You can FaceTime with up to 32 people.  The one limitation is that it only works with Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad or Mac computers

In this LIVE! session we will explore the essential actions to complete a FaceTime call and  make a recommendation about how to make it easy.  

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Additional Information

The Senior Tech Club covers the FaceTime app  in it’s online Recipes and Nuggets.  

The table below provides additional information about the topics in today’s LIVE! session.

Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on the FaceTime app:

ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
Making Video Calls with Facetime
108Making Video Calls with Facetime

Making video calls with FaceTime is a great way to connect with friends and family. And it is installed and ready to connect with a single tap. This recipe will demonstrate the basic call functions.

Read QR Codes with your iPhone
N1Read QR Codes with your iPhone

The iPhone camera can read QR (Quick Response) codes that you find on marketing materials, surveys and more. The process is easy and nugget-worthy.

Products I Use or Recommend
Products I Use or Recommend

Here are some of the accessories and products that I use and recommend.