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Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do!

October 14, 2020  10:00 – 11:30 AM

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Class Description

This course features some of the nuggets on your iPhone that are often undiscovered, sometimes undocumented and most often undeniably useful.  This course is perfect for iPhone users who want to get beyond the standard functions of talk, text and photos.


ImageNugget NumberTitleDescription
How to Attend a Zoom Meeting or Class
461How to Attend a Zoom Meeting or Class

Zoom is a popular platform for conducting video meetings and classes.  It is used by schools, organizations and organizations of all types.  For friends and family, Zoom can be used to have virtual meals, play games or even virtual happy hours.

In this Recipe you will learn the basics of attending a Zoom meeting.  

How to Use Today View and Widgets on your iPhone
N45How to Use Today View and Widgets on your iPhone

Today View is a screen of information accessed from your Home screen that gives you a glimpse of your day and access to the things you do most often. The daily glimpse might include your schedule, recent messages, weather, news headlines and more. Your Today View is your collection of Widgets that you can customize. This Nugget shows you how.

Medical ID Could Save your Life
N12Medical ID Could Save your Life

The Medical ID function of the iPhone’s Health App could be life saving.
Medical ID is an emergency card that can store critical medical and contact information and be available to first responders even if your phone is locked.

Find your Lost iPhone
N14Find your Lost iPhone

The Find my Phone app provides maps and tools that will help you find a lost phone whether it is lost in your house, left at some other location or even stolen while traveling. Nugget #14 will show you how to enable Find My Phone and get you started with it’s capabilities.

Scan and Store Documents Using your iPhone's Notes App
N5Scan and Store Documents Using your iPhone’s Notes App

Ever wish you had access to a scanner that you could use to scan and store documents? You now have a scanner that you hold in your hand.
With IOS 11 and later you can use the camera on your iPhone to scan documents into Notes for storage or even markup.

Use iPhone Spotlight Search to Find Apps, Get Reminders, News and More
N3Use iPhone Spotlight Search to Find Apps, Get Reminders, News and More

Have you ever lost an app on your iPhone. You’ve scanned all of your Home screens and just don’t see the app that you know is on your iPhone.
The Spotlight Search function on your iPhone gets results from your apps but also from the Internet, from Maps and Contacts and more.

Custom Icons on Control Center
N2Add New Icons & Controls to Customize the Control Center

The new and somewhat hidden nugget on the Control Center is the ability to customize it adding additional icons and controls. For example, you can could add other frequently used apps and functions.

Read QR Codes with your iPhone
N1Read QR Codes with your iPhone

The iPhone camera can read QR (Quick Response) codes that you find on marketing materials, surveys and more. The process is easy and nugget-worthy.

How to use the iPhone Magnifier
130How to use the iPhone Magnifier

Since IOS 10, the iPhone has an easy to access Magnifier that will use your iPhones camera and flash as a Magnifier that you can use to read fine print or detail. This recipe will identify how to access the Magnifier, verify the Settings needed to make it available and a couple of essential options for lighting and focus.

Sending Texts & iMessages with Special Effects
403Sending Texts & iMessages with Special Effects

Many of us use texting as a basic communication tool.  Even our children and grandchildren seem to respond better to texts than phone calls. We can also use texting to stay connected with friends. It’s just an easy way to stay in touch.

The Message app on your iPhone and iPad is able to take our texts beyond the basics and allow you to add celebratory flair to a standard text message.

In this recipe, you will learn about three enhancements that will add flair to text messaging, 1) Special Animation Effects, 2) Tapback Responses and 3) Handwriting a message.

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