Hey Siri…How Old is Glenn Close?

by | Feb 25, 2019

It seems that we Seniors can sometimes be obsessed with how old someone is.  Maybe we are comparing.  Maybe we are applauding the accomplishments of “older” people.

Regardless of the reason, when Joan and I are sitting and watching award shows like Sunday night’s Oscar awards show, you will likely hear us ask Siri about someone’s age.  Last night it was Glenn Close and Bette Midler.

So it goes like this, “Hey Siri (or optionally press and hold your home button.)  How old is actress Glenn Close?

That’s it.  It’s really simple.  In the process, Siri will lookup the answer and provide the answer verbally and present a little snippet of biographic information on your screen.


Smart Tip: Success with Siri

We propose that there are two keys to success with Siri once she is summoned:

  • Be succinct in your request.  Make it command-like.  And despite your upbringing, please and thank you are NOT helpful.
  • Practice, practice, practice  

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