Concerns About IOS 12.1.2 – I’m Waiting

by | Jan 2, 2019

Apple released IOS Version 12.1.2 on December 20, 2018.  However, following the release, these headlines have caught my attention.


IOS is the software that runs your iPhones and iPads.  As much as I like IOS updates and the new features and fixes that they bring, I do not want either of us to face issues that are not uncommon with software releases.

So when I saw these headlines last week, I immediately went to check my Automatic Update settings for IOS. I wanted to confirm that Automatic Update was OFF.

My second action was to update and share the following two Nuggets:

  1. Current IOS Version Recommendation
  2. How to turn Off Automatic IOS Updates

These Nuggets are summarized below.

Featured Nugget #1

At the Senior Tech Club, we read and follow Apple tech news so that you don’t have to.  We’re happy to curate the news about updates, apps, trends and more.  This allows us to give good advice about your devices. 

In that mission, I created a new Nugget that provides our current IOS recommendation.  Nugget #032 Current IOS Version Recommendation is where I will make a Senior Tech Club recommendation about the latest IOS update.   I will update this Nugget to keep it current as we get new information and updates. 

For IOS Version 12.1.2, I recommend that you WAIT until we get more information or a fix.  You can read more about this recommendation with this Read More button.

Featured Nugget #2

The Senior Tech Club does not recommend the automatic update of IOS.  As tempting as it might seem, do you really want to be among the first to experience potential issues?   However, after an update has been tested by the marketplace, we’re fully in favor of the new features and security of the updates.  

This Nugget will show you how to ensure that IOS Automatic Updates is turned off so that you have control and that you are not subject to the issues that occasionally accompany these updates.

The Senior Tech Club has covered IOS upgrades and versions extensively.  Here are additional Recipes and Nuggets for members that wish to pursue additional and/or advanced information:


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