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Thank you for your interest in the Senior Tech Club. We are glad you are here!


Because you have attended a class conducted by Don from the Senior Tech Club, you are able to sign up for a one year membership in the Senior Tech Club for $30.  This is half of the price of a regular membership.  

Signup is easy.  In the form below, simply enter your name, your email for your login, create a password (keep your password easy, this is not Fort Knox!) and pick the device(s) you use and indicate your location.     The Senior Tech Club will never share this information with any other organization.  See our Privacy Policy.

Also, no credit card information is stored at the site.  We partner with payment programs like PayPal and Stripe to help keep our site focused on learning.  

A Member has complete access to the Senior Tech Club site and all learning content of  the Club.  You will also receive our weekly News and Nuggets that features tips and news useful to older adults.  See what’s included.  

We hope you are a life-long learner and will continue membership for years.  This membership is good for one year.  You can renew at the end of a year.  You can cancel during the first two weeks to receive a full refund of the fees you have paid.   But we also hope that we can help you navigate changes and new features that are sure to accompany your devices in the coming years.

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Tech Club!  We are committed to your learning.


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