Membership Benefits

The mission of the Senior Tech Club is to help older adults stay connected and engaged using smart technology.  It is an online club where older adults can gather to learn, explore and share that smart technology. 

What’s included in a Senior Tech Club membership

  • Unlimited access to the Senor Tech Club learning catalog featuring our ever growing library tech recipes.  (See the Catalog of Recipes)
  • Stay current as our catalog grows and changes with IOS and iPhone/iPad changes.  
  • Weekly email with links to new and recommended recipes.
  • Monthly live online classes sessions with Q&A.
  • One 30 minute private FaceTime call with Don for coaching and receive recommendations on how to personalize our program (Annual Subscriptions only)
  • Private Q&A Forum – This will be a safe place to pose your questions and comments.  It’s also a place where you can help your peers by sharing your skills.

Get Started with your Membership Today

We have affordable membership plans that will offer ongoing and affordable learning from the Senior Tech Club.