Our Mission

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The mission of the Senior Tech Club is to help older adults stay connected and engaged using smart technology.  It is an online club where adults can gather to learn, explore and share that smart technology. Let’s break down this mission and identify what this all means for you.

Connected – It’s about communication.   In today’s digital word, people connect to family, friends and businesses through text messages, video calls, email and social media.  We strive to help older adults to stay connected with these modern digital approaches.

Engaged –  There are a million and one ways that we can stay engaged in life.  We work, volunteer, socialize, study, shop, invest and more.  We follow the news, we read books.  And learning is at the top of many people’s list.  At the Senior Tech Club we value technology that can bring the world to your fingertips to help you learn and engage in your favorite activities and help you manage everyday life.

Smart Technology – There are a lot of technology choices. The Senior Tech Club recommends Apple products, namely the iPhone and iPad.  They are not always perfect.  But the combination of  quality, support, resources and community make it the right tools for older adults.  And with a little help from the Senior Tech Club, they will become Smart Technology for you.

Learn – At the Senior Tech Club we learn through Recipes and Nuggets. Our lessons are organized into Recipes. Senior Tech Recipes are the brain-friendly way to learn specific functions on your devices. They are short learning lessons specifically designed for seniors who don’t want want to read a 20-page article or spend a day reading a book. Recipes are easily searched and retrieved when you want to learn a new skill.

Nuggets are quick tips presented with a mini lesson.  They provide information that can be used immediately and often present tips and functions that are hidden and not well-documented.  

Explore – A frequent reaction that I get in my classes and discussions with Seniors is, “I didn’t know my phone could do that!” The Senior Tech Club will help you explore the capabilities of your iPhone or iPad. Most Seniors start out using their devices for calls and texting while many functions go unexplored.  The list of capabilities is long and we will help you explore your Smart Technology in the missions to stay connected and engaged.

Share – Let’s Help Each Other. The Senior Tech Club is a private members only community of older adults were members can safely ask questions and seek help.  And once you have learned a skill, please share your success and help our peers  with their challenges.

Online Club – The Senior Tech Club is an online club where you join other older adults in their mission to stay connected and engaged using smart technology like iPhones and iPad. For a low monthly fee (we purposely refer to our pricing as cup of coffee pricing, $5 or less with an annual plan) a standard membership provides ongoing access to the learning and community of the club.

What’s included in a Senior Tech Club membership

  • Unlimited access to the Senor Tech Club learning catalog featuring our ever growing library tech recipes.  (See the Catalog of Recipes)
  • Stay current as our catalog grows and changes with IOS and iPhone/iPad changes.  
  • Weekly email with links to new and recommended recipes.
  • Monthly live online classes sessions with Q&A.
  • One 30 minute private FaceTime call with Don for coaching and receive recommendations on how to personalize our program (Annual Subscriptions only)
  • Private Q&A Forum – This will be a safe place to pose your questions and comments.  It’s also a place where you can help other seniors and share your skills.

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