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Coming Fall 2021!

The Senior Tech Club Academy

The Senior Tech Club wants to help in these challenging times.

We think that our technology can help and support us as we stay at home to battle Covid-19.  We agree with a recent article in Scientific American that proposed,

Whether you are quarantined, working remotely or just being cautious, now is the perfect time to practice using technology in socially healthy ways. 

We think this recommendation is particularly relevant to older adults.  So we are making changes to our programs to support your technology use in the current crisis. 

Our objective is simple, we want to help you stay connected, engaged and always learning.   

Here are four changes to our programs to help you stay connected, engaged and learning during these unsettling times:

Free Club Access

The Senior Tech Club provides technology training specifically for older adults.  we call our lessons at the SeniorTechCLub.com site Recipes.  Senior Tech Recipes are the brain-friendly way for older adults to learn specific functions on your devices.

During these times, access to our recipes is FREE.  No membership or even login is required.  Here are two approaches:

Browse the Catalog

We’re proud of our catalog of over a hundred Recipes and Nuggets.  Browse the catalog to find a lesson that you want to explore.  It’s simple.

Free Live Online Training

Over the past three years I have taught dozens of classes and have taught hundreds of students how to stay connected and engaged with their smartphones and tablets.  

Our online training programs will resume in Fall 2021.  


News & Nuggets Newsletter

News & Nuggets is the newsletter of the Senior Tech Club.  Every issue of News & Nuggets features a tip that is relevant to older adults.  The featured tip might be a topic like using your iPhone as a magnifier, scanning QR codes, searching for apps or quickly closing all of your open tabs in your Safari web browser.  Another feature of the regular email that people appreciate is our recommendations about IOS updates.  We will recommend when the time is right to proceed with the latest IOS update.  

During the Coronavirus Crisis I want to increase the frequency of the emails so that we can include more relevant learning and entertainment options.   

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