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Welcome to the Senior Tech Club  Summer Academy

During the summer months of July and August, we invite you to attend our Summer Academy classes.  In these classes we explore a variety of topics in FREE online classes held every other week on Tuesday morning at 10 AM.

The schedule for the Summer Academy includes:

July 12Why I Like my Apple Watch   Recording Available

August 2Exploring Smart Speakers and Virtual Assistants  Recording Available

August 9Get your Groove on with Online Music Services  Recording Available

August 23 – Reading Books for Free

Find descriptions of the classes by clicking on the class title above or from the descriptions below.

The classes are virtual and held on Zoom.  Register for the Summer Academy to receive your Zoom link via email.

Only one enrollment is required to enroll in all four classes.  If you can’t attend a session, you can still view the video from the class after the session.




Summer Classes

Online Recording

Why I Like my Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a lot more expensive than most timekeepers that you wear on your wrist. In this class we explore the top benefits of the Apple Watch and why it has become so popular among users of all ages.

Online Only

Exploring Smart Speakers and Virtual Assistants

Two leading smart speakers are the Amazon Alexa/Echo/Dot and Google Nest products. Both are not only affordable smart speakers that can fill your home with sound but are also a path to a voice-enable smart home using either Alexa or the Google Assistant. Alexa or the Google Assistant are powerful virtual assistants that will answer questions, deliver on commands and entertain. This class will help you explore.

Online Only

Get Your Groove On with Online Music Services

Listening to music is good for you. Today, a good portion of people's music is delivered through one of the online music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music or Pandora. This class will help you understand and explore some of the options.

Online Only

Read Books for FREE!

Reading is Good for YOU!
And there is nothing better than reading FREE books. This class will explore sources for downloading FREE books to your smartphone tablet, or computer.

How Do You Enroll in a Class?


How do you enroll in a COURSE?

Enrolling in a class or program is a two step process:

  1. Join the Club – Register for your FREE membership. 
  2. Enroll – Enroll in the class or program


1 – Join the Club

First you have to sign up to become a member of the Senior Tech Club.  Membership is FREE.  In this process your will use your email as your username and add a password that you can use to log into our website.

Click or tap on the Join the Club button below to register. 

2 – Enroll in the Class

After you are logged in with your username and password, you can quickly enroll in any class from the class page.  Click on the Take this Course button as shown below.  

It is that easy. 

Following the enrollment you will receive an email with essential information about the class.  Save this email for future reference.  



Help with Registration?

Don’t have a login & password?  Do you need help with the registration process.  We have put together a course to help you with the enrollment process.  The course  How to Signup & Enroll in a Senior tech Club Academy Class will walk you through the enrollment process. 


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