Why I Like my Apple Watch!

Why I Like my Apple Watch

In this Summer Academy class we will explore the key functions of this expensive watch that is not a Rolex!!


The topics that we explore include:

  1. Apple Watch Introduction – It tracks time and……
  2. Why I like my Apple Watch – 8 Ways
    • Fitness & Activity
    • Staying Connected – Messages, News & Siri
    • Health – Heart & Hearing
    • Safety – SOS & Falls Detection
    • Sleep Tracking
    • Music & Podcasts
    • Camera Remote
    • Find my iPhone

We will also discuss a medical study sponsored by Johnson & Johnson that could provide you an Apple Watch, free, for your participation.  


Course Lessons and Materials

Course materials including the slide deck, video and Q&A forum are only available to students enrolled in the course.

Why I Like my Apple Watch – Course Materials

Access the slide deck, links, resources, and question & answer form for the Apple Watch class.

📹 Why I Like my Apple Watch – Video

This is the recorded video for the Apple Watch class held July 12, 2022