Use LastPass for Strong, Stress-free Passwords

February 24, 2021  7:00 – 8:30  PM

Online via Zoom

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Class Description

As more of us are leading digitally active lives, we also face more risk with our identities, online security, credit and devices.   Crazy strong passwords are an important component of your online security plan.

But using and maintaining unique strong passwords for all of your online sites can be a challenge.  And experts recommend to address this challenged using a password manager. 

This workshop will present the LastPass password manager as a solution to the password challenge.  This workshop’s topics will include:

  • What is LastPass?  Why do I need it?
  • Create a LastPass Account
  • Install Extensions and Apps
  • Understand the LastPass Vault
  • Using LastPass – What to Expect


Education and awareness continue to be an import step in any online security plan.  The objective of this workshop is to take you beyond awareness about online safety and present action steps that will help make you make your digital life more secure.  Please understand that no workshop can identify or protect you against every type of crime, fraud, or threat.  But we hope that your action plan is a major step toward your online safety.  

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LastPass Password Manager – SHIFT 2-24-21

Video Recording - Length: 1:32

Additional Information

Additional Information and Resources from LastPass

LastPass – FREE User Training from LastPass



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Strong Passwords for Safe Data
010Strong Passwords for Safe Data

Passwords are important and represent the only wall between bad people and your money and life.

Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID
017Setting Up Passcodes and Touch ID

The Senior Tech Club, we recommends two basic security approaches for securing your iPhone or iPad:

Use a Passcode
Set Up Touch ID
This recipe will provide the steps to set up, change passcodes and set up Touch ID.

Simple Recipe to Create Strong and Memorable Passwords
BlogSimple Recipe to Create Strong and Memorable Passwords

Protect Your Personal Data with Two-Factor Authentication
N56Protect Your Personal Data with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor or multi-factor authentication should be an essential part of your online safety action plans. This lesson will help you understand its importance and provide a basic recipe on how it is set up.

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