Senior Tech Time

Foundation Class

September 16, 2019

Recipes and Lessons to help you stay connected with your iPhone.  Tap or click on any title to retrieve the full online lesson. 

100Sleep and Shutdown – How to know the difference on your iPhone

There is frequent confusion about the difference between Sleep and Shutdown of your iPhone.   You need to know how to put your phone to sleep and what it does.  You need to know how to completely shutdown your iPhone when this is required.
This is essential stuff!

101How to control and silence your iPhone ringer

An essential skill with your iPhone is controlling the ringer of your phone.  This Tech Recipe will make sure that your phone doesn’t ring during a solemn religious service or at the worst possible time. Learn to manage your iPhone ringer!

103Using the Control Center for Quick Access to Essential Functions

The Control Center is an essential tool on your Iphone and iPad. It provides the easiest and quickest method for accessing functions like airplane mode, flashlight, calculator, camera and more.

In this recipe, we will demonstrate how to access the Control Center and review some of those useful functions.

125Making and Receiving Calls with the Phone App

The most basic function of your iPhone is using the Phone app to make and receive calls. It is probably the first way that you used your iPhone and probably requires no introductory training.

This recipe will review the essential functions and provide tips that help make the process of making and receiving calls easy and quick.

127iPhone Touchscreen Basics

Using an iPhone is pretty intuitive.  But there are some actions that are unique to the device.  Some of the gestures and basic screen functions are  important to effective use of your iPhone.

This recipe will take us through the basic touchscreen actions for the iPhone.

124A Getting Started Tour of your iPhone

The purpose of the recipe is to provide a tour of your device. You will learn some of the essential functions of your device. As we explore, you will see lots of references to other Recipes and Nuggets that cover topics in more detail.