Over the last seven years, I have facilitated hundreds of live and online courses for older adults focusing on iPhone, iPad and other technology topics.  These courses have been conducted for community education, service, community, and commercial groups.

This page describes:

  • My ideas for extending learning beyond the class
  • Resources that you are free to use to serve our shared mission.
  • Opportunities for Collaboration


Tip:  Learning Should Not Stop When the Class Ends

Here are three ideas that will support learning after the class ends: 

  1. Online Class Page –  For every class, I publish an online page that includes the slide deck, sometimes the recorded video, associated lessons from my catalog and links to other resources.   I use the website Rebrandly.com or Short.io to make the URL links easy.  Sample Page for:  I Didn’t Know my iPhone Could Do That –  https://links.seniortechclub.com/Eagan1 
  2. Handout – For in-person classes, I create a short handout where students can take notes and with information and links to online lessons.  I include a QR code to make access to their online class page easy.    Sample – Advanced iPhone Photography
  3. Homework is Required –  I discuss the homework and practice  that needs to be completed in order to master a topic.   

Resources You Can Use for our Mission

Special Invitation for Anyone Serving our Mission

If you are serving our mission,  I am granting you a license to use my content directly or using copy and paste to assemble your own materials.



Sample Online Class Pages

Use these online class pages to view the topics, slide decks, and Senior Tech Club lessons that have been assembled.  Use the search bar to search for a topic.



Slide Decks

This link include over 350 pdf & ppt files that you can use for presentation ideas or to download, edit and use.   The files are stored on Microsoft OneDrive.  Use the search bar to search for a topic inside the files.

Microsoft One Drive PPTs

Lesson Catalog

This link will access the complete lesson catalog for the site.  There are currently 150 published lessons that you can use, reference or copy.  Feel free to copy and use the screenshots or step by step actions for the materials that you develop.

Use the Tag pulldown to filter on specific topics e.g. “Photography” or use the Search bar to search for a word or topic, e.g. “Siri”



Questions & Collaboration

Help Wanted

I am dedicating the next 9 months to helping Gifts for Seniors develop learning and support programs for their Tablets for Seniors program.  This is where the Minneapolis-based non-profit delivers tablets to the most disadvantaged and isolated older adults to help alleviate social isolation and loneliness.  Do you want to help?

  • Expertise in Amazon Fire Tablets to develop online lesson 
  • Volunteers for Tablets for Seniors – Help the most disadvantaged older adults with technology.

Let’s Connect

Contact me with any question or collaboration ideas.

Don Frederiksen – Don@SeniorTechClub.com