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Get Your Groove On with Online Music Services

Workshop:  December 15, 2023  

Eagan Community Center 

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Class Description

Music is good for us.  Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Today most music listeners are using online music streaming services to get their music groove on.  And there are choices to make not only in the service you choose but how you listen to your music.

This workshop will help you explore some of the popular music services and approaches for bringing music to your life.  

The learning agenda in this workshop includes: 

  1. Identify the benefits of music listening to your life.
  2. Remember when your car had an eight-track player?   We’ll have fun remembering the history of music delivery.  
  3. Help you explore the popular music services, their catalogs and their costs.  We’ll compare Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube and Pandora.
  4. We like FREE.  Let’s explore a couple of approaches to find music online for FREE.
  5. My phone no longer has a headphone jack!  Explore common approaches for playing music including in your car and home.

We want to help you get your groove on with music.  It’s good for you!

This class is for all users of smartphones and computers who have access to the Internet.  

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You can download the class handout/slides from the link below.  If you prefer, you can optionally print the slides for your reference during class.

Get Your Groove On Eagan Handout

Online Music Services - Help & Resources



Help Center:

Three Months Premium for $10.99:  


Apple Music


Three months free: (L ink for three month trial)

User Guide:

Amazon Music


Help Center:

YouTube Music


Help Center:



Help Center:


Bluetooth Lesson – What is Bluetooth

Your Questions

Here are my followup responses to your questions from Friday’s class.

YouTube music

The web address for YouTube music that filters out the cat and fixit videos and only displays music is:

Libby for books and audio books from your library.

Multiple people recommended the Libby app for borrowing ebooks and audio books from your library.  Here are some resources:

My Lesson on the topic:  Use Libby to Read Books from your Library

Our local libraries all work through our regional consortium call Melsa.  Here is there Libby reference:  

Libby, by OverDrive

Using your Smartphone as a bluetooth receive

In an initial tests I was unable to pair another smart device to my iPhone for sending audio.  I then proceeded to ask CoPilot, the Microsoft AI tool and was unable to find a solution where the smartphone could play audio from another source.  Every response assumed that the audio was coming from the smartphone.  

I’ll update this if I find a more definitive result.