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Remember, homework is required to master your iPhone.  Use the slide deck, recorded video and lessons at the bottom of your class page in order to revisit any topics that we covered.  

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iPhone Photography – Beyond Point and Shoot with the Camera App

March  20, 2024  12:00 to 2:00 PM ET

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Class Description

It is easy to take a photo with your iPhone. However for better photography, iPhones offer many powerhouse functions that are often misunderstood. This class will introduce students to many of these functions including the timer, live photos, burst, pano and more. You will learn to get better photos using your camera app.

This class will teach you the following topics:

  • Taking timer photographs
  • Capturing action with burst photos
  • Understanding live photos
  • Using flash and zoom appropriately
  • Explore photo, video and pano modes
  • Understanding the rule of thirds and how your iPhone can help
  • Turning off a feature like Live Photos
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The class handout can be downloaded and printed.   It is smaller than the full slide deck, includes the step-by-step pages and includes an area where you can take notes.  Click the link below to download to your computer.  


Handout 611 iPhone Photography Beyond Point – Click 03-20-24

Your Questions

Your Questions

Your questions are awesome.  

Find additional tips and information about the questions we discussed during your class.  

Tips for Photographing Jewelry and other Objects

Your iPhone is a great camera for taking photos of jewelry and other possessions for your records including for insurance purposes.    It is also a great camera for taking photos of objects that you wish to sell.  Here are some tips:

Shooting Area.  Lighting is an important element.  You want to use natural light so that you don’t have to use flash.  A table in front of a window on a bright but cloudy day is perfect.  Add lamps for additional lighting if needed.  Check your photos early to insure you are getting detail.  

Background.  Use white tagboard or paper as a background.  If you are selling the object, you can also consider using black to show off your item.  Some experts suggest that silver looks better on black and gold looks best on white.  

Get Close.  You want to show detail  in your photos.  Remember, Zoom with your feet.  Get close.  Zooming in will make items appear flat.  

Multiple angles.  For insurance or appraisal purposes take photos from multiple angles so that no detail is missed.  Experts recommend photos from three different angles, for example, from the top and two photos from the side.   Remember, it doesn’t really cost anything to take lots of photos to get the detail.  

Backup your Photos.  Keep your photos in more than one place,  Use cloud storage (iCloud, Google or others off site storage) to backup your photos.




Your Class Video

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Links and Resources

Links Mentioned in Class



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Time Lapse – US Bank Stadium


Flash Tips and Ideas

Flash photography on iPhone: When and how to use the flash

Rule of Thirds

AdobeHow to use, and break, the rule of thirds


Additional Information

iPhone User Guide – Camera App  You can choose your version of IOS from the pulldown at the top of the screen


Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on the iPhone Camera  apps:

The table below contains additional information and lessons on the topics we explored in our class.  Type a key word into the search box to look for a topic that you recall from our exploration.