Affordable Online Learning for Lifelong Learners

September 27, 2021  6:30  – 8:00  PM

Online via Zoom

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Class Description

Lifelong learning is a seriously good habit.  Learning is positive for your health.  Those who dedicate some slice of their life to learning are generally happier and more engaging.  

There are many great paths for lifelong learning.  You already use SHIFT workshops and events.  But also, consider, books, reading, podcasts, YouTube videos and the topic of this workshop, online learning sites.  

This workshop will present and review popular online learning platforms that can help lifelong learners support their habit.  There are dozens of online sites that provide online courses, many of which are free or affordable.  The courses available from these popular sites range from languages to technical topics, from history to creative endeavors.  


This workshop will identify five online learning options and do a deeper exploration of three of the most popular sites including Coursera, Edx and LinkedIn Learning.  

In this exploration we will review the costs, the signup, some of the pros and cons as we explore these sites.  We will show how you can access LinkedIn Learning for FREE. (It’s normally $30 per month!)  

We will demonstrate the sites as we search and signup for courses in three sample areas including learning a foreign language, learning a technical topic like Microsoft Excel and exploring a creative endeavor like photography.  

These online sites are available to users of laptops, PC’s, smartphones or tablets.

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You can download the class handout/slides from the link below.  If you prefer, you can optionally print the slides for your reference during class.

SHIFT Affordable Online Learning 9-27-2021

Class Question - Advanced Search in YouTube

There was a class question on the approached used to do an advanced search that would provide access to videos that are highly ranked or often viewed.

Although not available as a search option, Rating and View Count are a sort option that would put either the highest rated or the most viewed content on the top of your search results.  Here are the steps.  

  1. Enter your search term or phrase. 
  2. Execute the Search with the search icon.
  3. After executing the search you will find a FILTERs button under the search bar.  Click it to reveal filter and sort options.
  4. Pick you advanced filter and sort options from the filters list.  E.g. Search only for videos,
  5. Choose View Count as the sort option.  This will put most viewed content on the top of the search results.
  6. Choose Rating as a  Sort BY option.  This will put higher rated content on the top of the search results.






You will neet to move past the paid ad placement to view those searched videos.


Here is the Google Support doc on this process.  


I hope this helps.


Additional Information

Links shared during the workshop:

Keith Urban 30 Songs in 30 Days  FREE LinkedIn Learning Through Twin Cities Regional Libraries

LinkedIn Learning Public Access

Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on our learning platforms:

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YouTube Video Basics
440YouTube Video Basics

YouTube is a website intended to share videos that have been created and uploaded by millions of users around the world. You can watch, like, share, comment and upload videos. 

We feel that YouTube  is an essential website for any Senior.  On YouTube you can find videos that entertain, teach and inform.  We would place learning on the top of the list.  This is what makes the site essential.This recipe will teach you how to find and view videos on YouTube. 

LIVE! #6 You Can Learn Anything on YouTube
LIVE! #6 You Can Learn Anything on YouTube

On YouTube you can find videos that entertain, teach and inform. We would place learning on the top of the list. This is what makes the site essential.
In this LIVE! session we will teach you how to find and view videos on YouTube.

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