Summer Reading – How about some FREE classics!

by | Jul 25, 2019

Summer is a great time for reading!

Author Michele Pariza Wacek proposed five reasons why summer is a great time to have a reading habit.

  1. Summer is a time to pause.
  2. Summer is a time to dream.
  3. Summer is a time to love.
  4. Summer is a time to relax.
  5. Summer is a time to escape.

And my proposal is that summer is a great time to read some classic books.  You remember those books that you avoided reading during your school days.  I’m thinking Moby Dick, Rad Badge of Courage or the works of Mark Twain that you simply avoided.

This week’s features Nugget N50  Read Classic Books for FREE with the Gutenberg Project

You read it right.  There are almost 60,000 classic books available from the Gutenberg Project that you can download to your iPhone or iPad and read for FREE!.  This nugget will show you how.

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Are you into reading books? But you are finding ebooks expensive. The Gutenberg Project will give you access to over 60,000 FREE classic books from great authors. This Nugget will… ....Continue Reading

News & Events

Here are news and events on the Senior Tech calendar for the coming weeks.  Reply to this email if you want more information. 

March 2020 Classes

Here are the upcoming classes scheduled for the month of March along with links where you can receive more information.

Senior Tech Time (iPhone) – St Anthony Community Services March 23 2-4 pm

Stay Safe with your iPhone. This class will review the basic security and safety setup for your iPhone and iPad. This includes Touch ID, Face ID, Emergency SOS, Driving with your iPhone, Setting up Medical ID, Blocking TeleMarketers and general recommendations about avoiding phishing and malware.

St. Anthony Community Services – 612-706-1166 or website

Senior Tech Time (Android) – St Anthony Community Services March 25 2-4 pm

How to Make your Android SmartPhone Smarter. This class explores the features of the Android smartphone that are most useful for older adults. This includes bringing widgets to the home screen, managing notifications, using Google assistant and activating do not disturb.

St. Anthony Community Services – 612-706-1166 or website


Contribute to Medical Research & Get an Apple Watch for $49

iPhone users who are 65+ are invited to join the Johnson & Johnson Heartline Study and receive an Apple Watch for $49.  This is not only a great price for an Apple Watch but an opportunity to learn about heart health and participate in medical research.  

See the eligibility requirements, application and frequently asked question on the Heartline website. 

Magical Ending to Disney World Trip

A fun and heart-warming story from this past week involved the family of an iPhone 11 user from Montana.  They were visiting Disney World with their six-year old girl.  It was a dream of her short lifetime.

Starting with the iPhone 7, our iPhones have become increasingly waterproof.  The iPhone 11 is the most waterproof iPhone Apple has manufactured.  But dropping your iPhone into the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney World is not in the specifications.  And certainly having it submerged for nearly two months is beyond belief.  It survived!

You can read the story at the MacRumors web site and then take some comfort in knowing that your iPhone is capable of surviving a dunk in a pool, ocean or lake.  But don’t ever submerge your phone to wash it.