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Your Trial Membership includes sample lessons and limited access to the learning programs of the Senior Tech Club. 

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What’s a Recipe

Learning at the Senior Tech Club is organized into Recipes and Nuggets.  Recipes are lessons with a consistent format and look.  Nuggets are quick tips and hints.    Recipes and Nuggets are the short brain-friendly way to learn specific functions on your devices.  They are short learning lessons specifically designed for seniors who don’t want want to read a 20-page article or spend a day reading a book.

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iPhone Essentials

Learn the basics of iPhone control including sleep, shutdown, volume and Control Center.

Learn to control your iPHone!

Camera and Photos Essentials

Learn the basics of taking photos and organizing your iPhone’s photos.

Take better photos with the help of the Senior Tech Club!


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The Q&A Forum is a safe place to ask a question about your device.

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