Senior Tech Tuesday #27

May 25, 2021

How I Like my Apple Watch

Today’s Topics – IOS

In this Senior Tech Tuesday session, we will explore the Health, Fitness and Safety features of the Apple Watch and a few more benefits.  

The topics that we explore include:

  1. Apple Watch Introduction – It tracks time and……
  2. Why I like my Apple Watch – 8 Ways
  3. Fitness & Activity
  4. Staying Connected – Messages, News & Siri
  5. Health – Heart & Hearing
  6. Safety – SOS & Falls Detection
  7. Sleep Tracking
  8. Music & Podcasts
  9. Camera Remote
  10. Find my iPhone

See the Slide Deck and Recorded Video Below

Class Resources and More

Below you will find resources that we used or mentioned in class.  Click on the heading to get the details.  

Slide Deck - View Online

Slide Deck for Download

Here is the slide deck used for the session

Senior Tech Tuesday 27 – Apple Watch for Older Adults




Video - View the Recording of this Session - Length: 1:05

Additional Information

Apple:  Apple Watch User Guide





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