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This is the web home of the St Anthony Senior Tech Time class offered by the St Anthony New Brighton Community Services.  Use this site to get information about future sessions or to access the tech recipes used in previous sessions.



Fall 2019

During the winter session we are taking our St. Anthony Senior Tech Time classes down two separate tracks. In these tracks we can provide topics for all skill levels. The tracks include:

  1. Foundation Track – We explore and learn about essential iPhone and iPad skills including working with your device, calls, messages, email and camera. All of the topics have been updated with new features of the last version of IOS.
  2. Experienced User Track – We explore apps for our IOS devices We will explore social media, learning and entertainment and more.

The monthly sessions are independent. You can attend one or attend all as time allows. Each session includes featured topics and additional time to explore your questions and other news.


Foundation Classes

Experienced User Classes

September 16:  2-4 PM

Topics: Manage your device including ringer, touchscreen, control center and calls.  Explore updates and security with your device.

September 18:  2-4 PM

Things you Didn’t Know your iPhone Could Do.  This is a popular class that has been presented to multiple organizations.  This is a fun exploration of useful topics like the Magnifier, Shortcuts, Control Center, Widgets and more.  

October 21:  2-4 PM

Topics: Camera and Photos.  This class will teach you how to take basic photos and video with the Camera app..  We will also learn about the Photos app to manage your photos with albums.   

October 23:  2-4 PM

Beyond Point and Click with your iPhone Camera.

This class explores the advanced features of the Camera and Photos apps including changing exposure, camera modes and functions.  Also learn the photo editing capabilities of the Photos app.  

November 18:  2-4 PM

Topics:  Stay connected using text messages, email and FaceTime.  Browse the Internet with Safari.  

November 20:  2-4 PM

What’s New with IOS 13.  This class will follow the introduction of IOS 13.  IOS is the software that run your iPhone and iPad and each major release of IOS brings new functions and capabilities that we will explore. 



Between sessions, you will have access to the resources found on the website. There you will find lessons specifically developed for Seniors. Use the online site to catch up and explore other topics.

What should you bring? Your curiosity, questions and your iPhone and/or iPad.

$5 per session.  All proceeds goes to the St Anthony New Brighton School District 282.

Call the Community Services office (612-706-1166)  to register for any session.

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