Stay Connected and Engaged

Seniors everywhere are learning that smartphone and tablets are essential to:

Stay connected with family, grandchildren and friends

Stay engaged with news and the world around them

Stay curious and always learning

Manage life, accounts, shopping and travel

Technology is becoming part of every facet of our lives and technology offers the promise to improve out lives.   Being “unconnected” means being left behind.

The mission of Senior Tech Club is to help seniors stay connected and engaged using their iPhones and iPads.

Especially for Seniors

The Senior Tech Club provides tips, recipes and information that is created or specially selected for Seniors.  Our materials feature the best video and materials that are appropriate for our generation.  We make our materials printable and readable.  We strip away a lot of the noise that is so common on the Internet.  And if we can’t find appropriate resources, we create our own.

We like iPhones and iPads

There are a lot of technology choices.

The Senior Tech Club recommends Apple products, namely the iPhone and iPad.  They are not always perfect.  But the combination of  quality, support, resources and community make it the right tools for Seniors.

The Senior Tech Club will guide your iPhone and iPad learning.

Where's the manual?

Most of the technology tools we buy don’t include a significant manual.  It’s a product idea that works fine for “youngins” that grew up with technology.  But it misses the mark for us.  And having to find good instructions on the Internet is time consuming and challenging.

The Senior Tech Club delivers training materials that are more targeted to our needs than what you would find in any single book or manual.

Seniors Helping Seniors

The Senior Tech Club includes a private members only community where Seniors can safely ask questions and where Seniors can help other Seniors with their challenges.

Focus on Safety

We put a special focus on privacy and safety as your learn your tools.  It starts with passwords and a recognition of the various scamming methods used by bad people.  We simply want to make your experience safe.


I Didn't Know it Could do that!

It’s a common reaction when I show a Senior a capability that had been undiscovered.

Count on the Senior Tech Club to identify essential tricks that are just awesome regardless of your age.

Good for the Brain

Learning, curiosity, being socially connected and computer use is  good for your brain, regardless of the age you start.

Getting Started

For a limited time, charter memberships are free.

Be one of our partners as our materials and approaches develop.