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LIVE! #9 Reading Books and More with the Books App

Date:  May 7, 2020                            Time:  10:00 AM  CDT

If you are looking to read more during this stay-at-home time, you might consider starting out with the Books app that comes with your iPhone.  It’s already installed and ready.

This session will demonstrate how to find free books, purchase new books and read them in the Books app.  



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Additional Information

The Senior Tech Club covers the Books app   in it’s online Recipes and Nuggets.  

The table below provides additional information about the topics in today’s LIVE! session.

Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets:

ImageNugget/Recipe NumberTitleDescription
Find Free or Affordable Books for iBooks
412Find Free or Affordable Books for iBooks

Are you into reading books?

You might be surprised to learn that there are many sources for free books that you can read on your iPhone or iPad.  This includes free and affordable books for the iBooks app.

This recipe will show you how to get free and affordable books from the Apple store for iBooks.  It also cover using the Gutenberg Project in order to access 54,000 free books for download.

Reading Books with the Books App
410Reading Books with the Books App

Reading books is good for you.  There are even health studies that suggest that reading books can help you live longer.

And many people are discovering the convenience and power of eBooks.  And the device in your hand, your iPhone or iPad are one of  the preferred platform for reading eBooks.

If you are thinking about reading eBooks on your iPad or iPhone, the iBooks app comes with your device and may be the first reading app that you want to explore.

This recipe provides tips and the basics for using your device as an eBook reader.

The Hidden PDF & Web Page Capabilities of the Books App
N57The Hidden PDF & Web Page Capabilities of the Books App

The Books app has a hidden feature that allows you to download and read PDF files to the app. It is a handy feature that allows you to grab a long file and be able to read it anywhere. This Nugget will provide the steps.