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LIVE! #11 Using and Customizing the iPhone/iPad Control Center

Date:  May 14, 2020                            Time:  10:00 AM  CDT

We are fans of the iPhone Control Center.  It has changed in the recent versions of IOS and now offers more options for shortcuts to control your device and launch apps and functions.  



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I’m calling this LIVE! session the Late Night LIVE!. That’s because like television late night shows, this video was prerecorded for publishing at 10 AM on Thursday morning. It’s the same old Don. Just prerecorded!

You can still send your questions to the text in the video or via email to: questions@SeniorTechClub.com.

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Additional Information

The Senior Tech Club covers the Control Center  in it’s online Recipes and Nuggets.  

The table below provides additional information about the topics in today’s LIVE! session.

Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets:

ImageNugget/Recipe NumberTitleDescription
Using the Control Center for Quick Access to Essential Functions
103Using the Control Center for Quick Access to Essential Functions

The Control Center is an essential tool on your Iphone and iPad. It provides the easiest and quickest method for accessing functions like airplane mode, flashlight, calculator, camera and more.

In this recipe, we will demonstrate how to access the Control Center and review some of those useful functions.

Custom Icons on Control Center
N2Add New Icons & Controls to Customize the Control Center

The new and somewhat hidden nugget on the Control Center is the ability to customize it adding additional icons and controls. For example, you can could add other frequently used apps and functions.