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Give the Gift of Learning to Share with Someone Special

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Tech Club as a gift for someone special in your life.

An annual gift of membership in the Senior Tech Club is a great gift idea and also includes a special gift-giver membership for you.

Both you and your special gift recipient will have complete access to the Senior Tech Club site and all learning content of  the Club.  You will also receive our weekly News and Nuggets that features tips and news useful to Seniors.  It is a great way to share learning experiences.  It will allow you to follow along as your parent or someone special learns.

Signup is easy.  You are the gift giver.  In the form below, simply enter your name, your email for your login, create a password (keep your password easy, this is not Fort Knox!) and pick the device(s) you use and indicate your location.     The Senior Tech Club will never share this information with any other organization.  See our Privacy Policy.

Then enter three pieces of information for the gift receiver that will be receiving the gift, their first and last names and email address.  

After the registration is complete, you will first receive a welcome email.  Then within 24 hours, you will receive via email, a printable gift certificate and the login and password of the gift receiver.

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Tech Club!  We are committed to your learning.


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