Thanks for a Great class.  It was great fun.  I hope you learned a lot.

Remember, that you can complete your homework/practice by using the lessons at the bottom of the page. 


Finally check out the panoramic class photo.  Some might say that this class is out of control.  Everyone is playing with their phone!


 Do your homework!  Spring is a great time to explore with iPhone photography!

Anoka Hennepin Community Education

iPhone Photography – Beyond Point and Shoot with the Camera App

April 18, 2023  6:00 to 8:00 PM

This is the online page for your iPhone photography class.  On this page you will find information about the class,  general instructions for class and the class handout/slides that you can download and optionally print.  

Also, the table at the bottom of the page includes online lessons about the topics we will explore during class.  Use the keywords from your handout to find the lesson that covered that topic.  Then, click on the lesson titles to access this additional information. 

Class Description

It is easy to take a photo with your iPhone. However for better photography, iPhones offer many powerhouse functions that are often misunderstood. This class will introduce students to many of these functions including the timer, live photos, burst, pano and more. You will learn to get better photos using your camera app.

This class will teach you the following topics:

  • Taking timer photographs
  • Capturing action with burst photos
  • Understanding live photos
  • Using flash and zoom appropriately
  • Explore photo, video and pano modes
  • Understanding the rule of thirds and how your iPhone can help
  • Turning off a feature like Live Photos
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Links Mentioned in Class



Apple – Shot on iPhone 2021 Winners


iPhone Photography Awards

Shot on iPhone

 Instagram #shotoniphone 

Time Magazine First Covers shot with iPhone

Google Image Link


Rule of Thirds

AdobeHow to use, and break, the rule of thirds


Additional Information

iPhone User Guide – Camera App  You can choose your version of IOS from the pulldown at the top of the screen


Senior Tech Club Recipes and Nuggets on the iPhone Camera  apps: