Hi, I’m Jimmy. How can I help you?

In our opinion, Seniors are not well-served by the consulting services offered by our retail computer stores.

Let’s imagine that you, as a Senior, finally gets the courage to walk into the big retail store that offers to show how how to get your pictures from your iPhone transferred to Walgreens so that you can order prints for some of your friends.  The store promises to assign you to their brightest and best consultant.   You register and sit at the table, patiently waiting while  watching all of the young people around you exploring the store’s technology.

Soon, a young man (boy) walks up and introduces himself as Jimmy.  You thought the handshake was a little limp for a professional.  Nevertheless, you describe what you want to learn.  He says, “No problem” and in 30 seconds has taken your iPhone, enabled iCloud and hands the phone back to you.  “Problem solved” he proclaims.  “Just stop into your Walgreens store to pick up your prints.  You can pay for the prints in the store.”  He then hands you a bill for $75.

Were you needs well-served?

Or in another situation as depicted in this ad for Ally Bank, you wait for children or grandchildren to visit.  I don’t mind showing you the whole ad because it hits so close to home for many people’s situation.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UnYPtSnOJY[/embedyt]



Seniors helping Seniors stay connected and engaged with technology.

A core principle of the Senior Tech Club is that we will create or find help materials with the unique needs of Seniors in mind.   We also will provide a community where other Seniors can respond to questions and comments.  Seniors helping Seniors is a key principle of the Senior Tech Club.

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