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iPhone Fun with Fundamentals

This is the iPhone foundation class at the Academy where you will learn the fundamentals of using and managing your iPhone.  These are essential skills that all older adults need to know about their iPhones.

Key topics explored will include:

  • A Tour of the iPhone to understand those buttons
  • Sleep & Shutdown
  • The basics of using the touch screen.
  • Setting up Security on your device 
  • Using the Control Center
  • What is IOS and why do they keep changing it.

This course will prepare you for advanced topics as your continue your exploration and learning. 


Senior Tech Tuesdays

Senior Tech Tuesdays 

Senior Tech Tuesday is our regular Zoom meeting where we review our course topics and answer your questions.  Senior Tech Tuesdays are scheduled for every Tuesday during the course at 10 AM CT


Students enrolled in this class will be able to attend and will be able to access the Zoom link on this page